empresa de innovación, desarrollo, estudios y productos biotecnológicos, en constante desarrollo para alcanzar los mejores, pioneros e innovadores procesos asociados a la minería y recuperación de suelos, Teniendo la disciplina, creatividad y experiencia de un grupo de alto nivel de conocimiento y experiencia

La natural mineral deposit formed in Chile, especially north part of this country concéntrate copper in the world. The disciplined Japanese serve these natural deposits Biomining research. Biomining Technology offers innovative solutions and characterizations for large scale mining.

  • Discipline. Base on oriental discipline peoples leads us to be recognized in our career in research and developments in Biomining miners.
  • Mining specialists in the subject. Based on various professional aerial mining support with studies from the best universities in Japan, with the support of external specialists Europeans and Americans.

  • Job venture. Biomining Biomining each Project develops a partnership venture a Job oriented mining requirements to optimize their processes and maxificar profits.  

  • Technology. We are synonymous with developing technologies. Performing analyzes in laboratorios or in partnerships with universities and research center in Japan, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Mexico and the United States, just as continuous approaches with leading partner universities mining and metallurgy. Support entities, CORFO, CONICYT, the National Environment Commission.


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Copper Bioleaching
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Mining Bio Technology
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