empresa de innovación, desarrollo, estudios y productos biotecnológicos, en constante desarrollo para alcanzar los mejores, pioneros e innovadores procesos asociados a la minería y recuperación de suelos, Teniendo la disciplina, creatividad y experiencia de un grupo de alto nivel de conocimiento y experiencia

Biomining Ltda. is company of innovation, development, research and biotechnology products, constantly developing to achieve the best, pioneering and innovative processes associated with mining and land remediation, having discipline, creativity and experience of a high level group of knowledge and experience. Discipline and integrity in research are emphasised commitment.

Biomining. Has developed innovative products and services for medium and large scale mining to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and maintain top technology operation and environmental conservation.

We are working based on the mining capital of Chile, Antofagasta and Copiapo; Biomining develops engineering, mine development, environmental management, soil remediation, assessment, monitoring and research in biotechnology.

Delivering and integrated service in developing Biomining. We have staff of scholars and professionals in the mining industry and science, coupled with technological equipmen, plus a full research lab.


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Copper Bioleaching
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Mining Bio Technology
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